Security China 2022 Exhibitor Application
25-28 October 2022
China International Exhibition Center (New Center) · Beijing
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International Hall CCTV Surveillance Artificial Intelligence
Intelligence Robot UVA Access Control
Intelligent Traffic Intelligent Building Professional Audiovisual
Alarm Police Application Other

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9©O£¨3m*3m£© Includes: Partition *3, Chair *2, Table *1, Power socket (220V/5A), Carpet, Seesaw with company name, Lighting.

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1. Above form are all required items. In the table, ¡õ indicates that it is checked by ¡Ì.
2. Please contact the Sales Office in time to select the intention booth.
3. The selected exhibition area in this form only represents your company's intention to participate. The final booth confirmation is subject to the ¡°Security China 2022 Participation Agreement¡± that provided by the Organizer.
4. After receiving the agreement, please finish payment within the specified time to confirm the participation.


Contact person£ºTony Lee ¡¡ Phone£º8610-68731701

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